Champaign, IL - The American Meat Science Association (AMSA) announced winners of the Southwestern Intercollegiate Meat Judging Contest which was held February 3 at Frontier Meats in Fort Worth, Texas.

Forty-seven contestants representing 8 teams participated in the A Division contest and 106 contestants representing 12 teams participated in the Senior Division.

Top Individuals, A Division:
1. Morgan Boyer, Clarendon College
2. Scotta Faulkenberry, Clarendon College
3. Hunter Moore, Fort Scott Community College
4. Garrett Kroeger, Clarendon College
5. Alan Caro, Garden City Community College
6. Skyler Glenn, Garden City Community College
7. Tim Ryan, Australian National
8. Shelby Rush, Fort Scott Community College
9. Vanessa Campbell, Australian National
10. Isaac Allen, Australian National

Top 5 Teams, A Division: 1. Clarendon College; 2. Fort Scott Community College; 3. Garden City Community College; 4. Australian National and 5. Tarleton State University.

Top Individuals, Senior Division:
1. Christy Woerner, Texas Tech University
2. Aeriel Belk, Colorado State University
3. Austin Langemeier, Texas Tech University
4. Colton Coker, Texas Tech University
5. Ashley Smith, Fresno State University
6. Shannon White, Oklahoma State University
7. Mallorie Phelps, Texas A&M University
8. Colton Campbell, Texas Tech University
9. Kyle Mendes, Fresno State University
10. Christin Fehrman, South Dakota State University

Top 5 Teams, Senior Division: 1. Texas Tech University; 2. Oklahoma State University; 3. Texas A&M University; 4. South Dakota State University and 5. Angelo State University.