Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to count the ways we love agriculture and our own farmers and ranchers.  

  1. EHarmony didn’t make any friends in agriculture with their stereotypical “15 Reasons to Date a Farmer.” One blogger took the site to task, making her own reasons – the real reasons – to date a farmer. Farming isn’t glamorous, and there’s no doubt dating (and eventually marrying) a farmer is hard.
  2. A farming-style marriage proposal: An Arkansas dairy set the stage for a marriage proposal. The creative beau even incorporated the bride-to-be’s favorite feed truck to pop the big question. Did she say “yes?” Find out here.
  3. Singles don’t need to be left out either. Several sites, including, may be helpful for lonely farmers and ranchers looking for a little romantic push in the right direction.
  4. One of the most popular stories of rural romance is that of Ree Drummond, who found her own romantic rancher on a stop in Oklahoma before moving across-the-country. She’s the accidental country wife who uses her website, books and television show take her millions of visitors through the daily life of a rancher’s wife. She has confirmed that her love story, now a novel called “Black Heels to Tractor Wheels,” may soon be turned in major motion picture. Read, “The Pioneer Woman.”  Though Drummond’s story may be the best-known among her urban followers, there are countless other – unpublished – romantic rural stories to tell.