A&W Food Services in Canada says it’s the first burger restaurant in Canada to serve beef "without added steroids, hormones, preservatives or additives."

The announcement was made by A&W Food Services of Canada President and CEO Paul Hollands on Monday.

"More and more Canadians are looking for beef that's been raised without added hormones or steroids and we're proud to serve this better beef to burger lovers across the country,” Hollands said in a release.  “We have sourced the beef from select ranches that are at the leading edge of sustainable practices. Our guests have told us that making a burger with this better beef is simply the right thing to do."   

The decision was a result of findings by an independent research firm hired by A&W. The restaurant’s better beef program works with cattle ranches in Canada, Australia and the United States, enforcing a rigorous verification system to ensure the beef products meet specifications.