Cattle found near the nuclear power plant struck by an earthquake and tsunami two years ago are found to be contaminated with radioactive elements.

Thousands of cows were left in the restricted area following the natural disasters occurring in March 2011. The Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant was hit, releasing radioactive materials into the prefecture. The area wasn’t declared stable until December 2011.

Discovery News reports a scientific team led by Nagoya University engineer Toshio Fukuda and published in the journal PLOS ONE has found traces of radioactive cesium, silver and tellurium 79 cattle they’ve analyzed.

Cattle allowed to graze in areas less than 20 kilometers from the nuclear plant were more radioactive than animals fed grass from areas outside the restricted zone. Calves born following the disaster have radioactive materials concentrations up to 1.5 times higher than adults.

Fish have also been affected by radiation leaks at the Fukushima plant. RT reports a fish was caught two weeks ago near the plant with over 2,500 times Japan's legal limit for radiation in seafood.