Agricultural trade was almost 0.8 billion dollars higher than the previous month as export values increased for the third consecutive month and imports declined.

Agricultural trade balance reaches 7-month highU.S. agricultural export values in September totaled $10.7 billion while import values were $7.8 billion. The difference leads to a $2.9 billion trade balance for the month. The balance improved and reached its highest level since the balance was near $4.2 billion in February.

Figures recorded by the USDA Economic Research Service, using data summed from the Bureau of Census shows the September trade balance is almost $0.42 billion lower than the same month a year earlier when export values were higher and import numbers were lower than the most recent month on record.

Agricultural exports in 2013 total $99 billion, while imports are almost $79 billion, yielding a calendar year-to-date trade balance of $20.248 billion. The balance through September is $1.27 billion lower than 2012 figures.

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