Agriculture is much more than ‘fluffy cows’There’s a new, cute – and pro-agriculture – sensation sweeping across the Internet, and for the people behind the animals, it’s a perfect opportunity for those in the ag industry to renew dialogue with consumers.

Or, as Lautner Farms puts it, “It’s so much more than #FluffyCows.”

The “fluffy cow” buzz went viral in late May, hitting mainstream media last week. Images of show-ready cattle flashed across the Web. Consumers quickly became enamored.

“They’re so fluffy-haired; I’m sure a lot of people would like to hug them like a teddy bear,” Phil Lautner, owner of Lautner Farms, told the “Today Show” in an article here.

Agriculture is much more than ‘fluffy cows’The attention has been a boon for the Lautner Farm, which saw its Facebook page explode from 20 “likes” to more than 2,000 in just a matter of weeks. But the farm owners aren’t letting the attention distract them from connecting to consumers.

“Behind the now “famous” #fluffycow phenomenon is families, who work together year-round to make these steer and heifer projects look their best for the chance to walk through the show ring,” they wrote in a blog posted on their website.

 “The reward isn’t just in raising winning cattle, it’s about raising smart, hard-working kids, who learn the importance of animal care, while having fun showing their projects. These kids are the next generation producers. So, head to your nearest state fair event this summer and shake hands with the beef producers who are there showing off their best beef animals. Get to know the people behind the ribeye steaks we love. Learn more about where your beef comes from and enjoy a family outing at a county or state fair,” they added.