Keep the red carpet in Hollywood; it’s almost time to roll out the green carpet for a cast of an ag-centric movie. 

Ag’s time to shine: ‘Farmland’ set to release May 1On May 1, the widely-anticipated “Farmland” film will be coming to theatres in more than 60 major markets. It will also be screened in rural communities as well. A full least of theaters can be see here.  

Created by award-winning filmmaker James Moll, “Farmland” follows six young farmers and ranchers from across the industry and country.  It focuses on – and is told by – these hardworking men and women, all in their 20s.

“In ‘Farmland,’ audiences will hear thoughts and opinions about agriculture, but not from me, and not from a narrator,” Moll says about his film in a news release. “They’re from the mouths of the farmers and ranchers themselves.”

Moll hopes to use the film to go beyond ag audiences. He hopes it reaches urban and suburban audiences who are generations removed from the farm. Moll himself had no background in agriculture, but that was quickly changed after his experience filming the participants.

“I have heard so much from my friends about how unhealthy some of our food is and how we have to be careful about some of the things we buy and make the right choices, and ultimately the experience became one of fear,” Moll told Politco in an article here. “And after making this film, that fear has subsided quite a bit.”

At the recent National Pork Industry Forum in Kansas City, Mo., Ryan Veldhuizen, a fourth-generation Minnesota hog producer, explained that it wasn’t just Moll who learned more about agriculture. The crew was also asked questions and left with a life-changing experience.

Click here to learn more about Veldhuizen and his five costars or the embedded video above to see the film’s trailer.