The Drought Monitor change map released on Oct. 23, 2014.
The Drought Monitor change map released on Oct. 23, 2014.

There was little change in the Drought Monitor report, but relief may be on the way for parched California.

Roughly 18 percent of the country – focused primarily in the West – is in severe or worse drought. Looking at the Drought Monitor change map, there was little shift in the drought over the last week. While pockets of slight drought improvement or degradation dotted a handful of states, these changes were minor.

In California, drought conditions dominate. Around 95 percent of the state is in severe to exceptional drought with more than 37 million people in the state living within drought.  

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There is good news on the horizon, especially for California.

A wet system off the Pacific Northwest coast will push into northern and even central California by the end of the weekend; however, The Weather Channel warns even a good soaking won’t be enough to relief cities such as Sacramento and San Francisco from drought.

A new Seasonal Drought Outlook, released last week, finally showed drought improving along the northern coast and the southern tip of California by the end of January. Read more here.