The portion of household income American consumers spend on food is the smallest of any other nation and has continued to shrink over the last 30 years, according to a graphic from In 2011, American households spent, on average, 11.2 percent of post-tax income on food, half as much as households in France and about 25 percent of households in India. In 1984, American households spent about 16.8 percent of their post-tax incomes on food. According to Business Week, the portion of incomes American households spend on beef has declined from 0.94 percent in 1984 to around 0.36 percent in 2011. That decline resulted in lower volume purchases rather than lower prices. According to the graphic, American households in 2011 purchased about 42 percent as much beef as they did in 1984. In another example, American households in 2011 purchased an average of 28 dozen eggs compared with 27 dozen in 1984. However, the portion of household income spent on eggs declined by 50 percent over the same period.