The American Angus Association® announces enhancements to its genetic prediction tools following an extensive genomic recalibration project in collaboration with Pfizer Animal Genetics. Starting Jan. 11, Angus breeders will notice updates to expected progeny differences (EPDs) impacted by Pfizer HD50K tested animals.

“In an effort to bring the best science and technology possible to our Angus breeders, a Pfizer HD50K recalibration process was necessary to better characterize Angus genetics,” says Bill Bowman, Association chief operating officer and Angus Genetics Inc. (AGI) president.

Users of Angus genetics will see changes in the following:  EPDs and accuracies for Pfizer HD50K tested animals, re-estimated genomic correlations and updated economic assumptions that impact $Values.

“We encourage breeders and commercial bull buyers to access the most current EPDs and $Values through our Association website,” Bowman says. “This continued effort to provide robust, real-time selection tools – focused on economics – benefits the Angus breed, and the entire industry, long term.”

The National Cattle Evaluation (NCE) EPDs are processed weekly and posted every Friday on