Animal Health International, Inc. is pleased to announce effective January 1, 2013, Turnkey Computer Systems, LLC became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Animal Health International, Inc. Turnkey, headquartered in Amarillo, Texas, is the premier provider of accounting and management systems for the commercial cattle feeding industry.

Since 2002, Turnkey and Animal Health International have had a unique and strong relationship. Although competitors for certain peripheral software applications, Turnkey has provided software development for the animal health and feed management systems of Animal Health International. Over the years the relationship grew stronger with Turnkey providing continued development, technical support, and consultation for the growing product line of the Information Systems division of Animal Health International.

The combination of Turnkey’s products and services and Animal Health International’s Information Systems products and services offers the industry the most extensive concentration of industry expertise, product development, customer service, application support, and research and development.

Animal Health International is committed to continue Turnkey’s investment in quality products, talented people, and leading the innovation of technology in the cattle feeding industry.  Turnkey will continue to operate as a separate subsidiary of Animal Health International. Nothing changes with respect to doing business with existing customers. All inquiries concerning Turnkey operations from our mutual customers should be directed to Turnkey Computer System, LLC President, Steve Myers.

For more information or any additional questions concerning this please contact:

Kevin Pohlman

President , Sales & Marketing

(970) 347-3208