Livestock producers may be the experts in their industry, but when it comes to dictating animal treatment, more often public pressure pushes for the end of “controversial” practices.

According to a report by Capital Press, Joy Mench, animal science professor at the University of California-Davis, recently spoke at Oregon State University about the power of market pressures.

In some cases, market pressures are more likely than laws and regulations to persuade producers to end practices that the public sees as controversial. Current issues at hand include sow-gestation stalls and battery cages, but all livestock species are affected.

Mench warns that while some farming groups are addressing public concerns about animal welfare through livestock husbandry standards, it won’t be enough to “revolutionize” practices.

Read, “Market pressures, not laws, will dictate animal treatment, expert says.”

A video of Mench’s presentation is not available at this time, but click here to view Mench’s slideshow presentation.