A documentary set for release next year shares the highs, the lows, the pride and the identity farmers in their 20s share on a daily basis.

Award winning filmmaker’s documentary follows young farmersJames Moll, an Oscar® winning and two-time Emmy® winning filmmaker, is scheduled to release Farmland in Spring 2014. The highly anticipated documentary follows the next generation of American farmers who are taking responsibility for producing the world’s food supply.

“We are excited for a story of American agriculture to be told through the eyes of a third party, James Moll. He is a multi-award winning director who has always strived to make films that are an unbiased testament to the subject matter,” the USFRA said in a release. 

The general public is widely unaware of the use of technology and advanced practices promoted by farmers and ranchers across the country. The film provides consumers separated from the farm an unbiased view of the agricultural industry at a time when they are increasingly curious about the origins of their food.

“Some people still view farmers as the old guy on the rickety tractor with overalls,” one young farmer says in the movie trailer. “That’s not the case at all,” another adds.

Award winning filmmaker’s documentary follows young farmersMoll says the documentaries he’s created give him access to new topics, introducing him to people he might not otherwise cross paths with.

“While making Farmland, I found myself immersed in a community of some of the most hard working, passionate people I’ve ever met.  This film isn’t just about what it’s like to be a farmer, it’s about a way of life. It’s also about a subject that affects our lives daily,” Moll said.

Moll’s career has exposed him to a broad range of environments. He’s worked with Matt Damon and Steven Spielberg and has completed documentaries covering the Holocaust and a trek across the Sahara Desert.

He received a Grammy for directing and producing Foo Fighters: Back and Forth and an Academy Award® for his film The Last Days.