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Mining Demand Study Data

Some of you heard, during the 2013 summer conference in Denver, presentations from ag economists from Kansas State and Purdue universities, summarizing results of the checkoff's new Beef Demand Determinant Study. The research points up some exciting opportunities, for sure, and we have continued to work with those researchers to delve deeper into the findings of that study and what they mean for the beef industry, in general, and for the Beef Checkoff Program, in particular.

We recently posted six new video interviews with Drs. Ted Schroeder, Glynn Tonsor and Jim Mintert, as well as a couple of new checkoff press releases on the topic, on We are sharing this information with beef producers and importers nationwide to help all checkoff investors understand beef demand and the tools they have to affect it through the checkoff program.

Following is a list of topics and links to the recently distributed video interviews:

  1. Understanding Domestic Beef Demand
  2. Economists Explain Beef Demand Determinant Study
  3. Dr. Ted Schroeder Discusses the Importance of Food Safety as a Demand Driver for Beef
  4. Dr. Glynn Tonsor Speaks about the Importance of Product Quality as a Demand Driver for Beef
  5. Dr. Ted Schroeder Explains the Role of Retail Price in Beef Demand
  6. Researchers Talk about How to Influence Consumer Demand for Beef

... and two new press releases, from interviews with Dr. Ted Schroeder:

For more information, visit the Evaluation page on

Beef Checkoff Advertising Sizzles

The beef checkoff advertising program drove consumers to the “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” (BIWFD) Facebook page, which now boasts over 750,000 fans. That’s much more than pork (186,000 fans); Incredible Edible Egg (455,000 fans); Got Milk (72,000 fans) and Perdue Chicken (196,000 fans). Those numbers started back on Oct. 1, 2012, with 535,739 total “likes” or fans. Currently, the beef checkoff’s consumer-facing page has 753,540 total likes, so since the beginning of the fiscal year the BIWFD Facebook page has increased its community by 217,801 likes.

  • This summer, the beef checkoff online video commercials will run over 20 million times on popular online video channels such as
  • This summer, the beef checkoff radio spots will run online over 40 million times, on popular streaming radio sites, such as
  • According to new beef checkoff market research data, the vast majority of the Millennials polled (82%) – the new generation of consumers that the industry needs to reach – believe that beef can be a “part of a well-balanced diet” after exposure to the “Above All Else” campaign.

USMEF, Texas Beef Council Train Middle East Chefs on Underutilized Cuts

Chefs representing a spectrum of food service venues ranging from leading hotels and restaurants to airline catering and culinary institutes participated in two workshops in Dubai and Abu Dhabi recently to learn more about underutilized cuts of U.S. beef and their application in a variety of foodservice settings.

More than 100 participants, including 74 chefs and 34 representatives of beef importers in the region, gathered for sessions organized by the U.S. Meat Export Federation (USMEF), contractor to the Beef Checkoff Program, and funded by the Texas Beef Council with the cooperation of the U.S. Consulate General’s Office of Agricultural Affairs Dubai and the Emirates Culinary Guild.

The stars of the event were a number of U.S. beef cuts that were introduced to many of the chefs: hanging tender, short blade, tri tip, chuck, silver side, flank and rump. Divided into groups and tasked with developing innovative recipe ideas using each of the cuts as the key ingredient, the chefs created a variety of dishes that served as the centerpieces for the day’s lunch.

The Middle East is the fourth-largest region for U.S. beef exports through the first half of 2013, purchasing 165.4 million pounds of product valued at $142.6 million, even though the Saudi Arabian market has remained closed to U.S. beef for the past year.

Protein: The Real Breakfast of Champions

A recent checkoff-funded study by Heather Leidy, Ph.D., University of Missouri, with additional support from the Kansas Beef Council, indicates that a higher protein breakfast with beef and eggs is superior to both a normal protein breakfast, such as milk and cereal, and to skipping breakfast, in terms of improving appetite control, curbing food cravings and reducing unhealthy snacking in overweight, breakfast-skipping teenage girls. Dr. Leidy presented this research in her webinar "The Hunger Games: Applying the Science of Satiety to Fuel Health" and it is also the subject of this recently produced health professional advertisement. The published research study can be accessed and shared free of charge.

New Foodservice Infographic: Steak Stimulates Sales

The checkoff is helping restaurant operators understand how steak can drive profits by sharing a new infographic, Above All Else - Steak Stimulates Sales in Foodservice, based on the recent Technomic Volumetric data. This infographic breaks out the top-selling steaks for each foodservice segment.