April 2014

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... you can join the BQA team?

The beef industry has embraced Beef Quality Assurance (BQA), funded in part by the beef checkoff, because it is the right thing to do, and certification shows producers’ commitment to raising the best beef possible. And for a second year, the checkoff-funded BQA program is offering beef producers the chance to become certified at no cost, thanks to a partnership with Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. and the Beef Cattle Institute, housed at Kansas State University. The cost of BQA certification normally is $25 to $50; from now until April 15, 2014, however, Boehringer Ingelheim Vetmedica, Inc. will defray the cost of the certification or recertification, making it free.

BQA online programs are customized for cow/calf, stocker, feedlot and dairy operations. Developed and managed by the Beef Cattle Institute, these easy-to-use modules teach sound management techniques that can be applied to cattle operations and used as training tools for employees.

The online certification process is simple: Watch the 5- to 20-minute modules; take the corresponding online quiz; and print out your BQA certificate. BQA certification is good for three years and, once certified, participants receive a reminder email one month prior to their certification expiration.

Here is a sample course for your review: BQA: Calf Management Practices

Visit www.bqa.org/team to start today.

Get to Know Anne Anderson

Cattlemen rarely stop and the hardest working among them are appointed to the Cattlemen’s Beef Board. Meet Secretary/Treasurer Anne Anderson, a cow-calf and stocker operator from Austin and Menard, Texas. Read her full story here.

Florida Livestock Market Proactive in BQA Certification

The Okeechobee Livestock Market took full advantage of the free promotional offer from Boehringer Ingelheim, for Beef Quality Assurance Certification. All full time employees of the Okeechobee Livestock Market that handle and process cattle, recently passed the BQA Certification test, making this the first auction market in the nation to hold this merit.

Making Headway with New Beef Cuts

The Los Angeles Times and Nation’s Restaurant News recently spotlighted innovative beef cuts identified through the checkoff-funded Muscle Profiling research – and the traction those cuts have experienced during the last decade. The articles reached more than 9 million consumers and nearly 135,000 foodservice decision-makers. They explained how operators and retailers are menuing and selling the newer cuts from the chuck and the round, with an emphasis on how the cuts allow for innovative menuing and a superior eating experience. State Beef Councils and other industry partners helped provide operator sources for the reporters to interview and checkoff subject matter experts shared insight on sales, culinary applications and muscle profiling.

Developing Beef-Education Curriculum 

As part of its “Moms, Millennials and More” program, the checkoff is partnering with Hanover Research to identify future beef-education curriculum design and development opportunities for the beef industry. Research now is underway, with a target date of July 1 for reporting of key findings. See more checkoff-funded beef-education programs at Education.

Inspiring Restaurants to Innovate with Beef 

To help foodservice operators get more value for their top-selling beef cuts in foodservice – sirloin, top loin and ribeye – the checkoff introduced new cut utilization tools on BeefFoodservice.com. The site offers insights about how to cut and menu these three cuts in new, innovative dishes – like the Ribeye Ramen, Beef Bim Bop or Steak Shawarma – that resonate with millennials. Since its February launch, the cutting tools have registered among the top 10 most-viewed items on the website.