Weekly U.S. beef export sales have increased 19 percent from last week to a total of 11,700 metric tons. This pushed the prior 4-week average to a 5 percent increase, however last week’s total behind the 27-week average of 14,308 MT.

Mexico had the weekly sale increase high at 2,600 MT. Beef was primarily sold to Hong Kong (2,300 MT), Japan (2,800 MT), Taiwan (1,200 MT), and Canada (1,100 MT).

Japan received the most exports of U.S. beef with 2,800 MT. This is a 30 percent decrease from Japan’s previous week’s shipment. Other leading purchasers were South Korea (2,300 MT), Hong Kong (2,200), Mexico (1,900 MT), and Canada (1,400 MT).

Shipments were at a 379 MT increase from the previous week, pushing the 27-week average to 13,477 MT.

Beef exports sales and shipments increase