The beef checkoff recently participated in the SELF Magazine "Workout in the Park" event in Chicago’s Grant Park. More than 3,700 participted consisted primarily of millennial-aged folks, with a perfect blend between the fitness-crazed and those simply interested in living a more healthful lifestyle.

The event included two stages running back-to-back fitness classes throughout the day. “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” sponsored the high-energy 2Fly class, featuring hip hop hits from the 90s.

Beef front and center for 'Workout in the Park'The “Beef. It’s What’s For Dinner.” tent was positioned near the main stage, where participants chose from several lifestyles -- Strong, Extraordinary, Simply Great and Balanced -- for which they then learned where to download, pin, share and find recipe collections to meet their specfic needs. They also received the new Beef’s Big 10 infographic and an athletic tank top.

“Our new consumer advertising campaign reaches out to consumers with messages about beef choices like T-Bone, Sirloin and Flank steaks that they know and love. It communicates that beef will give them what they want and need -- a nutrition powerhouse with great flavor,” says Cevin Jones, chairman of the checkoff’s Domestic Consumer Preference Committee and a producer from Eden, Idaho. “This event reached health-conscious consumers on their ‘own turf’ with a message that resonated: 'Beef will give them the essential nutrients their body needs to be at their best.' What a great way to extend our consumer marketing campaign.”

A strong drive to the checkoff’s social media platforms led participants to the recently relaunched and Pinterest page, as well as Facebook and Twitter. As a result, social media conversations around the event generated more than 2.8 million impressions, with high engagement. (e.g. littlemisslocal: Beef is what's for dinner #onlyinchicago #workoutinthepark

More than 1,000 “Beef. It’s What’s for Dinner.” athletic tanks were distributed to people who visited the beef tent to talk to checkoff representatives and to pick up beef recipes and nutrition information. In addition, local media and registered dietitians stopped by the tent to complete the lifestyle assessment, get recipes and learn about beef’s essential nutrients.

“From people who live and breathe exercise to those who wanted to learn more about staying active and healthy, we were able to reach not only the people in the park that day but extend that message via our social media platforms,” says Jones. “It’s just one more way our checkoff is reminding consumers that beef is for living life how you want to live it.”

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