The USDA Livestock Slaughter report shows May beef production improved from the previous month, but remains slightly behind last May’s totals keeping supply steady with last summer. Cattle slaughter figures reveal the number of animals has declined from the previous year, however weights are heavier, making up for the decreased slaughter numbers.

Beef production in May totaled 2.23 billion pounds, slightly behind the previous year, but an increase of about .1 billion pounds from April. Cattle slaughter totaled 2.86 million head in May which was 130,000 head more than a month earlier.

Livestock slaughter figures show the average live weight of cattle was 1,289 pounds, a six-pound decrease compared to the previous month, but nine pounds higher than the May 2012.

Total red meat production decreased by one percent from a year ago, reaching 4.15 billion pounds in May. Although total production was lower than 2012 numbers, May results marked an increase of 60 million over the previous month.