The USDA Cold Storage report shows total pounds of beef in freezers is one percent higher than July 2012.

The increase was measured by the total supply frozen in warehouses on July 31, 2013. Although beef supplies did increase from a year ago, last month’s totals declined by four percent compared to the previous month.

Total red meat in freezers declined slightly from the previous year and was three percent lower than the previous month.

Unlike beef and pork supplies, poultry totals in freezers are on the rise. The report shows Total frozen poultry supplies increased three percent over the previous month and five percent above the total this time last year. Total stocks of chicken were up 4 percent from the previous month and up 5 percent from last year. Total pounds of turkey in freezers were up 3 percent from last month and up 6 percent from July 31, 2012

Frozen pork supplies were down 4 percent from the previous month and down 1 percent from last year. Stocks of pork bellies were down 33 percent from last month but up 1 percent from last year.