An upcoming I Am Angus best-of episode celebrates all those involved in the effort of raising and promoting cattle. The American Angus Association® shares the stories of historic Angus operations, family businesses and advocates for the industry, both young and old. Produced entirely by the Association, the program airs at 7 p.m. CST (8 p.m. EST) on RFD-TV.

“We hope viewers enjoy this look back at our favorite I Am Angus segments from the last season,” says Eric Grant, Association public relations and communications director.  “In the best-of episode, we highlight folks from all aspects of the cattle business.”

I Am Angus focuses on the heart of farming and ranching — its people, their heritage and why they’ve chosen to be involved with cattle production. The documentary series explores each sector of the Angus breed and beef business, Angus history, and how animal agriculture meets the challenge of feeding a growing population.

Featured in the Aug. 5 episode are:

  • Hannah and Esther McCabe, Elk City, Kan., share their story about growing up together in the Angus cattle business.
  • Leroy Baldwin of Baldwin Angus Ranch, Ocala, Fla., reflects on his passion for the Angus breed. A former president of the American Angus Association, Baldwin started his Angus herd with money from a paper route and a few calves.
  • Angus breeder Ryan Goodman, Maryville, Tenn., describes the important role of educating the public through social media and blogging.
  • Photographer and writer Lauren Chase shares her journey from life in the city to life documenting Montana ranches.
  • John Toledo of Toledo Ranches, Visalia, Calif., shares why it is important to set the next generation up for success by developing a love for the cattle and appreciation for the land.
  • Anne Burkholder, Cozad, Neb., shares her story of managing a feedyard with her family and raising the highest-quality beef in the world.
  • Cory and Gary Poser, Denton, Mont., explain how Hilltop Angus has grown from the original homestead to the family ranch it is today. Cory served in the Navy prior to returning to Montana.
  • Jerry Gustin, Gloucester, Va., shares what life is like on his idyllic rural farm, Gustin Land & Cattle. Gustin served his country in the United States Army and received the Bronze Star Medal for his service during the Vietnam War.
  • The Harward family of Richfield, N.C., shares why raising and showing Angus cattle has become a centerpiece for their family.
  • Edward Draper shares the story of the historic Wye Plantation. The plantation traces its roots to the 1600s and was founded by William Paca, a signer of the Declaration of Independence. Angus cattle were introduced to the farm in 1937.

The program airs on RFD-TV, which is distributed by more than 625 cable operations, and can be found on DirecTV channel 345 and Dish Network channel 231. Check local listings for more information.

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