In Columbus, Nebraska a couple is reeling after being taken for more than $15,000.

A 22-year old Lyons woman, Rebecca Robbins, allegedly stole 35 cows and 40 calves that did not belong to her, in an attempt to sell them to prospective buyers.

Beware, not all cattle rustlers are menInvestigators allege, before the sale Robbins convinced the unlucky couple that the cattle were in fact hers and were being housed on her “father’s farm”.

This was not the case. Wilbur Rakow, owner of the pilfered farm, is of no relation to Robbins.

Robbins allegedly hired a semi to steal the cattle from Rakow, who noticed later cattle were missing and called authorities. Rakow hoped to catch them if they attempted to cross statelines.

The cattle have since been returned and a warrant has been issued for the arrest of Robbins. She is charged with three felonies in Antelope County including theft by deception, unlawful taking and attempt of felony and theft.

Source: My Central Nebraska