Today’s moms are desperate to make smart food choices for their families, but are inundated by the overwhelming amount of information available. As a result, these social media-driven mothers are putting more trust in blogs and peers than physicians, medical web sites or the government, according to a new study conducted by Fleishman-Hillard and  

“Moms are turning to their peers online and off for information about food – from general to more specific information about genetically modified organisms, pesticides and other food-safety topics,” Kristie Sigler, senior vice president at Fleishman-Hillard, said in a news release. “This study showed that moms place higher priority on the opinions of bloggers and peers than that of experts like doctors and dietitians – an important takeaway for food marketers.”

Food Safety News reports that of the 1,000 moms who took part in the poll, 39 percent of moms trusted food and mom blogs for information on GMOs, compared to 31 percent who sought information from peers offline, 24 percent who turn to the government and 17 percent who listed physicians as valued sources.

“I just feel there is not enough known,” one mother commented. “We hear it is safe one day, and then not safe another, and I don’t want to risk it in my kids.”

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