The National Corn Growers Assocation's (NCGA) 2011 Social Media Training Program will feature a webinar this week that will offer a look at how mobile applications can help make social media manageable. The program is generously supported by Pioneer Hi-Bred, a DuPont Business, and is the ninth of 12 free hour-long online learning sessions underway monthly through 2011.

"As a farmer, my days are far too busy to spend hours sitting in front of a computer, but, through the use of mobile apps, I can stay connected through social media no matter where I go," said Grower Services Action Team Chair Brandon Hunnicutt. "Whether tweeting from the cab of my combine or posting news from a town hall meeting while I am still there, smartphone apps make it easy and fun to tell the story of modern farming. Most importantly, these tools help me incorporate social media into my day in a quick, seamless way so that I can focus on what is really important."

This webinar will cover the variety of tools and a number of tips on using making the most of mobile, including proven social media applications. It will also address location-based applications, such as Foursquare, and how to incorporate them into a broader social media toolbox. Additionally, information on tools available for users with traditional cell phones will be presented.

The webinar starts at 7 a.m. CDT Thursday, September 15. Follow-up webinars are planned for October 20, November 17 and December 15. Times for these will be announced prior to the webinars. Click here to register or get more information.