Strong technical support rallied prices higher on last week’s large cash offering. Live trade was generally $1.00/cwt higher while dressed sales surged $5.00/cwt higher than the previous week. The majority of live trade was around $116.00/cwt, and dressed steer prices were firmly at $196.00 delivered. US buyers procured a handful of local cattle. Last week’s sales volume totaled 13,742 head and was 17% smaller than the previous week. The weekly Alberta cash to futures basis narrowed slightly from -11.97 to -11.59. Canadian fed cattle exports to the US for the week ending November 10th eased lower than the previous week to 12,491 head.

Last week 300 - 500 lb calves traded $1.00-2.00/cwt lower while short keep yearlings traded fully steady. The Canfax average steer price closed the week $0.34 lower while heifers eased $0.44. Reported auction volumes totaled 87,043, up 27% from the previous week. Canadian feeder exports to the US for the week ending November 10th totaled 1,353, down 36% from the previous week.

Despite increasing supplies, butcher cows traded generally $0.50/cwt higher last week. Rail bids were reported generally $1.00/cwt higher. Quality of butcher bulls on offer has been reported as mixed and prices were nearly $2.00 lower than the previous week. Canadian non-fed exports for the week ending November 10th totaled 7,787.

Bull factors

  • Local market ready supplies will tighten moving forward

  • Holiday demand for middles should improve to support the cutout

  • Carcass weights trended lower over the last 3 weeks

Bear factors

  • Feed grain remains in tight hands at lofty prices

  • North American negotiated cattle marketing’s are dwindling

  • Fund investors are expected to take some profit out of cattle futures next week anticipating renewed attention on the American and European debt situation

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