Correction: It was inaccurately reported in a previous version of the story that the cattle approved for export were infected with BSE. The animals were only above the age allowed by the U.S.


A judge in Winnipeg fined a Manitoba veterinarian $80,000 for allowing cattle over the age allowed by the United States to be exported in 2009.

Dr. Fawcett George Taylor inspected cattle to be exported to the U.S. for three producers between February 2008 and August 2009. Taylor inspected a total of 163 cattle over the age of 30 months who were exporting to the U.S.

Taylor did not purposely approve the cattle for export, but a busy schedule enabled the oversight. He and the three cattle producers were charged in April 2010.

Global Winnipeg reports Taylor has worked at Brydges and Taylor Veterinary Clinic for 29 years.

Taylor apologized and is not allowed to inspect cattle anymore. He has nine months to pay the fine.