Beef research updates, tame cattle, manure sampling and the North Dakota beef industry's potential will be among the topics at the beef production portion of the North Dakota State University Carrington Research Extension Center's annual field tours July 19.

The beef production program will begin at 9 a.m. with registration and coffee.

The livestock tour will start at 9:30 and run until noon. Agronomy tours will be held in the morning and afternoon.

Topics and speakers on this year's beef production program are:

* Livestock research updates: fly ash in feedlot aprons, self-feeding finishing cattle, pea forages in feedlot diets, and weaning rations with barley and distillers grains - Vern Anderson, animal scientist, Carrington Research Extension Center

* Cow/calf costs and profits: Farm Business Management program data - Jory Hanson and Steve Metzger, Farm Business Management instructors

* Tame cattle are more productive - Eric Berg, associate professor, NDSU Animal Sciences Department

* Report card for feeding cattle in producer feedout projects - Karl Hoppe, area Extension livestock specialist, Carrington Research Extension Center

* Discovery Farms and livestock waste run-off control - Ron Wiederholt, nutrient management specialist, Carrington Research Extension Center

* Manure nutrient sampling project - Chris Augustin, nutrient management specialist, Carrington Research Extension Center

* Potential of the beef industry in North Dakota - Jerry Effertz, Effertz Black Butte Acres, Velva, N.D.

Also, the NDSU Extension Service once again will offer free water quality screening during the field day. Anyone wanting water tested for nitrates, total dissolved solids, pH (acidity or alkalinity) and hardness should collect samples in any clean plastic bottle that can hold 15 to 20 ounces and bring them to the field tour event.

Minnesota Valley Testing Laboratories will test water for a coliform group of microorganisms that includes E. coli. People can pick up sterile bottles during the field tours at the Carrington Research Extension Center to take home to collect samples and send them to Minnesota Valley Testing's laboratory in Bismarck. The cost for this test is $10 and will be collected when people pick up the sterile bottles.

The Carrington Research Extension Center is 3.5 miles north of Carrington on U.S. Highway 281. For more information about the beef production program, contact Hoppe at (701)

652-2951 or For more details on the water quality testing, contact Roxanne Johnson at (701) 429-3756 or