It’s just a matter of time for most things.  Given enough time the rain will fall, the grass will grow, the wheat will be harvested, the calves will be born, somebody will invent another great thing, enemies will become friends, grains and cattle will go up and down together and bones will turn into oil.  If there were enough hours in the day we could get all the work done, etc.

Sometimes it’s just a matter of perspective of what will work and what won’t.  Steers outsell heifers because they are supposed to gain better, but a steer will never get pregnant. An older cow factory costs about as much as a calf off the cow, but she will eat a lot more wheat than that calf. Wheat makes much better pasture than corn, but probably doesn’t yield as well in a normal setting.

The calf market this fall has remained very strong, especially if a person looks at all the wheat pasture we don’t have!  There seem to be enough calves around to satisfy demand, but the calf run won’t last much longer and then what happens?  It seems like there are a lot of empty pens and empty spaces in the packing chains.  There has always seemed to be more cattle than money, but we are as close as ever to finding out the truth of that.

Opportunities still abound in agriculture!  Winter grazing certainly doesn’t look very promising if you don’t have irrigation, but the prospects for spring grazing are as good as ever.  If these big calves off the cow continue to bring near $1000.00, it sure won’t take long to pay for a $1200.00 cow, even with high priced hay!  It sure might be a good time to stock up on the necessities for when the cattle numbers really get serious.

For good or bad, agriculture has finally made the news for more than a day.  Apparently folks in the city finally figured out that their food doesn’t just come from a store and it costs something to produce.  Maybe the time has come where agriculture prices will actually reflect the effort it took to produce them.

At some point it will rain, and there will be even more opportunities than there are now.  There are still plenty of calves to choose from, there is still time to grow some pasture, there are still folks who know how to handle them, and there is still hope that voters will make the government put its head on straight! 

Get in the action! Go to the auction! Turn out some cattle! Raise some beef!

Pray for rain!