The new year is off and running!  Stockers and feeders have tremendous demand, with a good young cow very hard to find at last years prices. Mother Nature has made it pretty enjoyable in Oklahoma and the southern plains with springtime weather letting the wheat do leaps and bounds.

It’s always exciting after the first of the year with new attitudes, and lots of high quality cattle showing up. There are quite a few grow yard cattle coming to town, although there is more wheat pasture cattle than a person thinks.  The good weather and great early gains have sure made it easy for some early marketing.  Of course, a person would think that these extremely high prices would entice almost everybody to sell some cattle!

Along with great gains on the wheat comes some other issues also.  Bloat seems to be taking a pretty good toll with the wheat and frost combination.  Even though the market is very high, losing a $900.00 calf is just not any fun.  The wheat pastures around seem to have a lot more cattle than they did 30 days ago, and it will be very interesting to see how long the pasture gets used.

The drought isn’t officially over, but there sure is a lot more opportunities than there was 100 days ago!  The pastures look great, however, the water table is still below  optimal and there are still quite a few dry creeks and low ponds around.  All the pasture and money in the world won’t do us any good without water.

2012 looks to be another exciting year!  With elections coming up, campaigns and empty promises everywhere, it will be interesting to see what comes about.  It seems like the only folks who truly like politics are politicians and it would be nice if they understood exactly what is going on in the real world.

There will be many opportunities coming up this spring!  Pairs and bred cows will be at a premium, especially if the moisture comes.  The big feedyards and packing plants can’t make money if they don’t have any cattle, and so far they haven’t elected to own them all.  It will be a bad day if they ever do.

The possibilities seem infinite in the USA.  Somebody has to raise the cows to make the calves to make the feeders to make the beef!  Bred heifers are not abundant yet, and with the discount the heifers are getting, it sure looks like a good time to start a cow herd.  Money has remained fairly cheap, thousands of acres of land have been paid off by the oil industry, and there are not that many people in the country who actually know how to handle cattle.  That looks like a great combination for cattlemen!

Get in the action! Go to the auction! Raise some beef!