What a great market and economy we have!  Cattle selling at or near all time highs, moisture falling, grain harvests above expectations and fuel prices not going up full tilt!  Maybe it won’t last long but for the moment it sure looks great!

The fall calf run looks like it will be running late this year, but that is being contrasted with the last several years of it running early.  Some great moisture, and a great market, have a lot of folks holding on to their calves much longer this year, even with these outstanding prices.  Of course, it’s going to make for some much bigger calves this year too.

Wheat pasture prospects look good, with most fields ready for planting, and several already planted.  The calf market is great, but the big demand has not come yet with most folks in the field and not thinking a whole lot about calves right now.  Mother Nature is being cooperative at the moment with fairly nice temperatures and it might make weaning calves a little easier.

The cattle on feed report, maybe the last two or three, have looked very friendly.  Certainly less placements, but that might be skewed by the moisture this year and the cattle that have been going in the summer were able to wait until fall this year.  But either way, the numbers look favorable down the road, and the market is certainly favorable right now!

With a world economy, or global market, it will be interesting to see how demand for beef runs. Many more people in the world, literally, plus many more in developing countries who now have access to better foods will have a big impact on demand in years to come.  As a business, the beef industry still needs to increase demand in the US, but we also need to be able to supply it.

The cow market seems to be the only market going down at the moment. There has been quite a drop in some of the butcher cows in the last couple of weeks, although it is still twice what it was the last couple of decades!  Cow slaughter is still holding up pretty good so it still looks like there is some great opportunity to own some cows and raise some beef!

There are a lot of opportunities happening and coming up!  Some of them are time sensitive, much like planting a crop or turning out the bulls.  It appears there will be plenty of calves off the cow available this fall, and hopefully plenty of wheat to turn them out on.  The futures board looks bright, there are lots of people to feed in the world, and many places got some moisture!  Take advantage of all the opportunities!

Get in the action! Go to the auction! Raise some beef!

Run some cattle on wheat pasture!