Happy Thanksgiving!  The market is great, the moisture situation is much better, there seems to be plenty of feed and hay around and the future looks bright!  With the holiday season upon us, it will mean a slow down for a little while, but what activity is happening sure looks good!

The futures market is having its normal swings. Cows, calves, yearlings and fats are all selling extremely well and there appears to be some green pasture in places!  Even with the colder weather, which seems to get rid of a lot of bugs, there should be some great opportunities!  Owning some cows and calves might be a great thing to do, but selling calves for $1000.00 or cows for $2000.00 is not too shabby either!

Thanksgiving sure seems to get overlooked anymore. Halloween gets plenty of advertising and movie making. Christmas gets free advertising several months in advance, but it seems pretty hard to find anything to do with Thanksgiving until a few days ahead.  If a person watches television or the internet they might think that Thanksgiving is nothing more than black Friday.

As a whole, we sure have a lot to be thankful for.  Everybody has a choice in what they do.  Our economy, though weakened, is still one of the biggest in the world.  The efficiency and productivity of our industries is amazing. The type of government we have has done us well for over 230 years, even with its ups and downs.  The farmers and ranchers of America provide enough food for all the citizens and enough more to sell abroad.

There are definitely places for improvement, and maybe a person should be thankful for the opportunity to make those improvements! There are going to be more and more folks to feed in the world and it sure looks like there is going to be less cattle to do it.  Since Thanksgiving doesn’t get all the air time it should, maybe folks should just practice it everyday.  There are always things to complain about, and always things to be improved, but there are probably just as many if not more things a person could appreciate!

There are plenty of opportunities every day!  The opportunity to be grateful, the opportunity to appreciate the country we live in, the opportunity to choose, the opportunity to work with cattle, hogs, sheep, goats or computers!  There are plenty of ways to do things and being thankful for the chance to do them at all might be a way to do them.

Only a few more weeks left of auction sales this year! Go to your local cattle auction and take anybody with you that hasn’t been to one! Get in the action!

EAT BEEF or turkey, ham, fish, veggies, etc if you have to, but be thankful that you have them! Have a great Thanksgiving!