What a great market and summer we have! The market seems to be edging higher all the time, and with some very nice rains around the country! Stockers and feeders are both enjoying a very good market with the fat cattle not quite so much, but still better than 10 years ago.

It is amazing what a difference a few seconds, a few minutes, a few days, a few months, a few years or a few miles make! Just a few seconds ago someone was born. Just a few days ago it was 110 degrees! Just a few months ago the market was going down.  Just a few years ago it was a different world.  Just a few miles makes a difference between getting rain and not!

Luckily over the last several weeks there has been more rain falling than not, even in some of the drought areas.  Some places are of course getting more, but at least some drops have fell west of Dodge City!  It normally doesn’t sound right, but there have actually been flood warnings and watches along the Arkansas river in Kansas!

The cow and calf market has sure felt the moisture!  A few weeks ago it was hard to find somebody to buy a bred cow or pair and now folks are clamoring over the few being offered.  Of course, that is the way markets are made and we are certainly grateful for the moisture.

If a person didn’t know any better, it might look and feel like the middle of June in places rather than the start of August!  85 degrees and green is sure better than 110 and dry!  Quite a difference from the last several summers! Enjoy it while you can!

If we can keep total control away from a few there are going to be some tremendous opportunities coming up!  The world population is still growing and beef is still great!  Captive supply doesn’t make the headlines as much any more, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t alive and well. It would be interesting to see what the market would be like if packers could not feed their own cattle or control the rest.

There sure might be a few more hot days coming, but it would appear like we’re on the downhill side of summer.  It’s a matter of days when school starts back up and it sure won’t be long till the fall run begins.  Wheat planting is already on some folks mind, and grazing it is always an option.  It sure might be a good year to plant some wheat and graze it for a while.

Take advantage of the moisture and cooler temperatures!  It has been a long time since it’s been this way!  People still need to eat, and it should be a great honor to be able to feed them, especially the ones in need.

Get in the action! Go to the auction! Buy some cows or calves! Raise some beef!

Thanks for the rain!