The heat is on! Harvest is finally about full swing and many places are experiencing better than expected yields. Of course, some folks are experiencing about what was expected, which considering the year may not be so bad.  Temperatures have sure exceeded hopes with many areas jumping up over 100.

It is almost ironic how prices for grains and cattle seem to go in the same direction when plain logic says they shouldn’t and with the heat a person would think the same thing.  It appears that spring came and went in a hurry and summer is going to be a little warm.

Even with harvest going on, cattle continue to move fairly good.  Numbers have slacked off some for the summer runs, but there continue to be plenty of cows going to town, and prices have finally started back up for yearlings that are going to town early.  The double stock cattle, what ones there are, won’t be long in moving and even though there has been some flash flooding in the drought areas, it certainly isn’t enough to end a drought.

It will be interesting to see how many calves actually show up for the fall run.  Many calves in New Mexico, Colorado and western Kansas may already be spoken for, moving or never born in those areas.  Whatever grass was available didn’t take long to fill with many cowherds moving from home to anywhere they could get some food.

It is interesting to see how much information a person can get from the internet and television.  Cooking shows, reality shows, news shows, whatever shows are abundant and do come up with some unusual things.  A person watching might think that grilling steaks and burgers was elitist!

We are now on the downhill side of long days and short nights.  Every day is a day closer to fall, and maybe some rain!  The summer grass runs will be coming before you know it and the fall calf runs, especially with the drought, are not that far away!  It might do a person some good to make arrangements now to handle some cows or calves that are going to come early.  If it rains right, some of those young pairs could sure be worth something!

Take advantage of the opportunities there are!  Harvest takes a lot less time than it used to and the opportunities sure seem to come and go faster too.  There seem to be a few more bred heifers around or calved out, but not near enough to make up for all the cows going to the packer.  The cow numbers are definitely lower, beef production is higher, and whether it is in the media or not there are a whole lot more mouths to feed in the world than there were 10 years ago!

Raise some beef! Run some cows or stockers! Take advantage of the opportunities!

Go to the auction! Get in the action!