Mud is nice, at least when you can get it! It may make things messy, and hard to get around, but it does show that there was enough moisture to make the dust stick together!  Not everyone is getting to experience that yet, but there is rain in the forecast!

The calf market appears to have slung off any mud it had in the last week.  Stocker cattle have jumped back up to the levels of two or three weeks ago, and it seems like the demand is increasing.  It would be interesting to see where most of those are going, as it sounds like the flint hills may have got moisture, but not enough to fill ponds and the northern grass country is still in winter.

Feeder cattle have made a little jump back up, with corn futures down somewhat, and fat cattle in a near steady holding pattern. It will be interesting to see how eager folks are to fill pens, since it still looks like a lot of red ink coming out of the pens.  The levels at which the big cattle are now, below feed cost, would seem to make them a little more attractive.

The cow market still seems to be in limbo.  Even with spring coming on, there are folks being forced to sell cows due to drought, while others may get the opportunity to have some grass.  Butcher cows are selling very well, but it doesn’t seem like they are as high as they could be.  Of course, time will tell whether any cattle are too high or too low.

There seems to be complaining about cold, wet weather, but it sure seems like September is along way off.  With water as scarce as it is, another month of snow, rain, sleet or fog might be nice.  Of course, a person can wish in one hand and spit in the other and it’s pretty easy to see which one will come first.

For all the money there is in the world, it is hard to understand how there can be anyone starving, or living in poverty, especially in the U.S. Of course, it is also hard to understand how anyone can let their government try to control every aspect of their life, right down to living it, preserving it, defending it, or whatever the case may be.  It sure seems like there was enough greed going around the last time the markets came down.

It’s sad to see some things go away, like morals and values and freedoms.  Time changes everything, but a person would think that a few common sense laws that were enforced would be much better than thousands of laws that get forgotten or make no sense.  $900.00 hammers, body guards on spring break, screen doors on submarines, and changing the constitution are a few things that come to mind.

The market is good, it has rained in places and summer is right around the corner!  Take advantage of the timing and opportunities coming!  Grill some hamburgers!

Get in the action! Go to the auction! Raise some beef!