The official first day of spring has come and gone, kind of like the foot of snow that fell along with it! The “climate change” is getting the blame for it, but it certainly isn’t the first time snow has fallen in the spring, and hopefully it won’t be the last.  Moisture is welcome in any form!

The blizzards that have hit lately may take a toll on the calf crop, but hopefully it won’t be too serious.  Where the big snows have fallen, it is fairly easy to see the wheat jumping out of the ground, and with warmer temperatures coming, it won’t be long till the grass starts showing up in earnest.

For once it seems like the cattle market, at least the feeder end of it, is reflecting the realities of feeding cattle. The losses of the last several turns have certainly not been small, and even with the lower numbers, the feeder market has come down to levels that actually might work.  Stocker cattle have yet to hit their peak, if there are rains enough to fill some ponds, and the cow market is great, although it seems like it could be higher.

It won’t be long before there are more warm days than cold, and folks will want to be outside more. Of course, when the weather hits 90 degrees there might be a few folks who will want cooler weather again!  Let’s just hope the moisture keeps coming and the grass, wheat and trees grow along with the ponds!

It’s kind of interesting how things work or work out.  A big snow loosens up the ground and puts good moisture and whatever is in the air right down in the ground.  A good rain puts the moisture in faster but it still takes sunshine to make things green.  Mother Nature can grow flowers in a desert, so hopefully it won’t be too hard to grow grass on the plains.

It’s nice that so many people can go on vacation.  The work ethic that built this country has enabled many folks to take things easier, dress more casually, live more “freely”, and speak more ineptly.  Without the generations behind us, it would probably not be so nice right now.

Maybe the people making the rules and decisions should think a little bit more about the generations to come instead of getting votes and what they think is best for them.  A brand new bike is clean, and shiny and fast but unless it is taken care of it won’t be anything but junk.  A country that doesn’t take care of itself, and doesn’t think about the country as a whole may turn sour too.

After all is said and done, it is sure nice to see the moisture and the sunshine!  Great opportunities should be coming up, so take advantage of them!  We still need to feed the world, and good old American beef is best!

Get in the action! Go to the auction! Buy some cattle! Raise some beef!