What a market! It seems like in the blink of an eye cattle are getting back to their record high levels, at least on the yearling end.  Fat cattle seem to just be holding together while the calf market just has not been well tested.  It’s almost as if the government were buying cattle without any heed to what the costs are.

It has rained in places and rained good!  Hay stacks are piling up in many places east of Dodge City, with ponds showing some water and green grass around.  Of course, there is more dirt than grass showing along the Kansas/Colorado/New Mexico corridor, but maybe some of these storms will get to those folks.

It sure won’t be long before school starts, and maybe too soon.  Many schools are starting at the beginning or middle of August, and some in places where the air conditioning is questionable.  At some point maybe someone should consider the outcome of things maybe rather than just the cost of them.

It sure seems like our country is being run by advertising and media rather than common sense and a constitution.  Supposedly the people of the United States are going to pay almost $700 million dollars to advertise the new government insurance policy to themselves.  In what universe does that make sense?

 Even with all the moisture, the cooler summer, and the good demand we have for beef, there is still an extremely large amount of red ink flowing through the feed yards.  Hedging doesn’t look like it will work unless a person uses a razor instead of a pencil.   The future looks bright with cheaper corn, if it doesn’t get wasted in fuel tanks.

There sure appear to be many opportunities coming up, especially if the moisture keeps coming to where it has and it shows up where it has not!  What few cows or pairs that are available are not sky high and you can’t have a yearling without a calf!  More people are born every day in the world at an exponential rate, and they all need to eat!  Take the opportunity to feed them!

Take advantage of the auction markets!  How much better could the cattle market, or any market, be if they actually had to bid for all of the cattle?  Sometimes forward contracting works, especially if the market goes down, but in the history of markets, they have all gone up.  It is a very different market than it was 50 years ago in all categories. It would sure be nice to buy a soda for a quarter, but in todays world it’s a buck for water, and our very own country is in the whole by trillions of dollars.

We have a great market to work with! We do have a great country we live in and we do have millions, if not billions of people to feed! It has rained! There are plenty of opportunities to work with! Take advantage of them!

Get in the action! Take yourself and your cattle to the auction! Raise some beef!