Dave Ferwada’s cattle dog Hannah knows how to herd cattle and also how to protect against them.

According to NBC News 15, Ferwada, a farmer near Clinton, Wis., startled a pregnant cow when he went into his barn one morning in March. The cow started attacking him.

“I didn’t think about living,” Ferwada said. “I just said to myself, ‘I hope it’s over in a hurry.’”

Suddenly, Ferwada’s dog Hannah intervened, snarling and snapping at the raging cow. Hannah created a barrier between Ferwada and the cow, allowing Ferwada the chance to drag himself away.

While Ferwada was injured in the attack, he refused to go to the hospital until a friend persuaded him. There, doctors discovered that Ferwada had a blood clot in his brain. The surgeons were able to remove it.

Ferwada’s current health is thanks to his dog Hannah.

Watch an interview with Ferwada in the video above or by here.

Hannah has had four or five teeth knocked out by cows over her eight-year life, but she hasn’t lost her courage or devotion.

Ferwada remarked, “She's not a show dog… she doesn't do tricks. But she's got so many other things about her that are so precious… almost like a little human being. I have a hard time talking about it without getting choked up.”

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