Talk about a hot one!  Temperatures, markets, reactions, and certain topics all seem to be on fire.  It appears to have been a great Fourth of July, with many celebrations and fireworks.  The cattle market is just about as hot as those firecrackers, and hopefully will last a lot longer! 

We seem to be in unprecedented waters, and looking back over the years at the futures board, it’s amazing that it’s held up as good as it has.  Markets go up and down through time, but in the last five or ten years they seem to be doing it a lot faster!  It was only last fall that $140.00 calves seemed high, yet now the eight weights are bringing that! WOW.

It’s good to see all the patriotism during July, but it would be better to see it all year round.  It’s amazing how there is more time spent by the media on trials and trivia than there was when we first went to the moon. Some things are great accomplishments while others make a person wonder why they are even mentioned.  Does the U.S. Constitution say anything about money coming before morals?

It sure seems like the recession is over if one looks at the cattle market or the amount of money spent on gas, fireworks, parties and campaigns!  Cows and calves look like they might be over $100.00 a head higher than a year ago, while fat cattle might be $250.00 higher! Maybe we’re finally catching up!

It’s a great market considering drought, government and human nature!  It is a real blessing that the folks who are forced to sell have a good market to do it in.  Let’s just hope that more people will be able to get back into the game when the rains finally do come!  It’s been many years since there has been one of those good three day soakers, but sometime in the next six months we’re going to get our average!

For the last several years, the contract market of cattle for fall delivery has looked fantastic, but the late fall has seemed to be a better market at the auction.  There are a big number of calves selling now that would normally either be contracted for or sold in the fall. The last drought dropped the available numbers in parts of the country in half! Where are they going to be in November?

There are some outstanding opportunities coming up for those folks who want to rent some pasture or wean some calves!  The feed yards can’t handle them all, and the folks who normally do seem to be out of feed at the moment.  Take advantage of all the opportunities coming! 

Get involved!  Go to the auction, make a market and grow some beef!