Location. Location. Location. That seems to be the manta for real estate agents and maybe soon to be for ranchers and farmers.  The drought over the last decade or so has seen relief in some places while other locations continue to see no rain.  The right spot this winter and spring has seen plenty of snow and rain, while big chunks of Kansas, Colorado and New Mexico are still eating dust.

The cattle market seems to be extremely uncertain lately.  The cattle numbers continue to show up at the auctions, while the herd numbers are somehow decreasing.  There is no doubt that there have been thousands of cows relocated, some to better pastures, some to the packers. Sad to say but there has been plenty of ranchers relocated also.

Timing may be just as important as location.  If you are in the right location at the right time anything could happen! If cattle sell on one day or another, in todays world that could be the difference of $50.00 or more per head.  How is that realistic?  Food prices in the stores don’t seem to change every hour, and most stores only have sales once in while, not every day.

It might pay just to be in the market every day instead of whenever the mood fits.  On the same day a person might buy young pairs in a drought area for $1400.00 or pay $2000.00 in an area of perceived moisture.  Stocker cattle have always been dependent on whatever is green, but yearlings lately have been about as volatile as baby calves.  Of course, being at two places at once isn’t easy, but with technology today, it’s almost possible to be in more than two places at once.

So far the biggest share of the wheat has survived some late freezes, especially where they had moisture.  It will be interesting to see what kind of crop actually turns up.  It sure looks good though!  Corn planting seems to be off to a pretty slow start, but it certainly isn’t the first time, and probably won’t be the last!

Spring and summer are off to a slow start, just as outdoor activities are, but hopefully will have a strong finish.  There are plenty of opportunities to get outside and grill some burgers or turn out some cattle!  There are still cattle coming out of drought areas and there are certainly areas getting some rain and that creates more opportunities!

There is something to be said for staying in the kitchen when it gets hot and maybe the government and some big companies will realize it sometime.  Those cows and big feeders that nobody wants today will be gone tomorrow.  Take advantage of the opportunities coming up!

Get in the action! Stay in the action! Go to the auctions! In person, online or both!