It looks like summer might be here already.  90 degree temperatures, high winds, wheat harvest, schools out and the cattle market wanting to go higher all are familiar territory in the summer.  The last surge of graze out cattle, along with combines going up and down the roads seem to signal the end of spring.

The cattle market is moving in its summerly fashion also, which seems to go about the way of the temperature!  It’s been fairly hot the last few days, and the feeder cattle market has been also!  We haven’t reached the record highs again, but at these levels it should’t matter too much!

Wheat harvest is definitely underway!  Lots of dust in the air, harvest crews on the road and lines at the elevators!  It will be very interesting to see how the harvest actually turns out this year.  There have been many different ingredients put into this years crop, drought, rain, heat, cold and what seems like an early harvest will all have an effect on the outcome.

The traffic in north central Oklahoma and Southern Kansas may be as bad as New York City for the next few weeks!  Oil, gas, and harvest crews will be everywhere right along with vacationers and people doing normal business.  The Memorial Day holiday hopefully will also put pressure on everyone to drive a little nicer and pay more attention.

The beef market is great although there seems to be quite a bit of beef in storage.  Demand for the most part is good, but there sure seems to be a lot of little things around the world that hamper it.  The value of the dollar plays a fairly big role in the movement over seas, but it is a two edged sword.  Of course, just selling our beef at home and not importing any would maybe be a better solution.

The next month or two will sure be interesting in terms of our nations cattle numbers.  We continue to see cattle at the auctions, even though numbers should be down.  The big runs should be over until later in the summer as long as a drought doesn’t force some selling again. There are areas around the country that need some rain in a bad way, and they aren’t all in Texas or New Mexico.

We have a fairly challenging see-saw act to do in agriculture.  We need more  cattle to keep prices friendly to the city folk, but the prices also need to be good enough to sustain the family farm. It looks like a good time for some education on how to actually cook food rather than have someone else do it.  Not everything has to be microwavable, but our society would sure likes to have it fast!

It is a great market!  It’s a great country! It’s a great time of year!  Get involved in agriculture!  Go to the auction!  Buy some cows!  Raise some beef!