A crowdfunding site dedicated to building the cattle industry in sub-Saharan Africa gives cattle farmers in Ghana an opportunity to achieve independence while becoming a solution to hunger and poverty.

Farmable.me is a crowdfunding platform designed to educate the world of the issues facing small holder cattle farmers in Ghana while helping them create a business and build food security in the region.

Cattle production in Africa benefits from “crowdfarming” The crowdfunding project views agriculture as the best option to invest in Ghana’s economic growth and plans to extend the program across Africa. TechMoran reports people from across the world can become a ‘CowBacker’ by purchasing a cow for $500, or can buy ‘cowshares’ with friends and family to collectively purchase the cow for a farmer in Ghana.

The need to feed a growing world population has led organizations to seek agricultural opportunities in new regions, including sub-Saharan Africa. Rabobank has identified the region as an area with untapped food and agricultural production.

"Given the recent developments and fewer growth opportunities in the global F&A sector, global companies will need to look to markets like Africa to sustain future growth rates,” Bill Cordingley, Head of Food & Agri Research for Rabobank in the Americas, said.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is already working on agricultural development in the region. According to the foundation’s website, it has committed more than $2 billion to agricultural development efforts, with a focus on sub-Saharan Africa and South Asia.