An investigation is underway in North Dakota and prosecutors will consider filing charges against a man with 100 cattle found dead on his property.

Logan County State’s Attorney Gerald Kuhn told The Jamestown Sun the primary focus is on the animals.

An autopsy revealed three animals died of starvation, some cattle still in the owner’s possession are in poor shape.

The McIntosh County Sheriff’s Department said the animals had access to hay and water, but what was available wasn’t enough to support their nutritional requirements. Kuhn will make the decision to prosecute, but will need more information before coming to a conclusion.

The investigation began just a weeks after another North Dakota man, Bill Kiefer, was found to have 199 malnourished horses, donkeys and mules on his property with another 96 animals dead. The Dickinson Press reports Keifer faces multiple misdemeanor counts of animal cruelty.

A bill pending in Legislature would make similar aggravated abuse and neglect cases a felony. Senate Bill 2211 sets guidelines for penalties relating to animal abuse and neglect and expands laws pertaining to animal care. It passed the Senate on Feb. 8 by a 45-0 vote.