FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — Feedyard owner Jarret Corn and stocker producer Tim Bare are no strangers to the ups and downs of feeding cattle. Challenges are part of the job, and these cattle producers appreciate solutions that tackle those challenges head-on.

“As most people know, ranching is a full-time job, but I have a passion for this business, and it's a job I very much enjoy,” explains Bare, general manager of K-Bar Ranches in Douglas County, Ore. “We’re in the business of looking after these livestock and being good stewards of the animals.”

In two videos, available at draxxin.com/beef and the YouTube channel for Zoetis, Corn and Bare explain how using DRAXXIN® (tulathromycin) Injectable Solution to control bovine respiratory disease (BRD) as part of their on-arrival programs has improved their daily jobs on the operation.

“This business can take time away and become more of your family than your actual family,” says Corn, owner of Jarret Corn Cattle Company in Plains, Texas. “My days used to be very extensive and tough. Now, it’s about enjoying what we are producing versus the alternative, which is pulling, treating and banging our head against the wall.”

An on-arrival program that incorporates DRAXXIN to control BRD can result in healthier cattle with healthier appetites, which can improve a producer’s bottom line, explains Lee Bob Harper, DVM, associate director, beef strategic technical services, Zoetis.

“I encourage every producer to work closely with their veterinarian to develop their operation’s on-arrival and health programs,” Dr. Harper says. “BRD is one of the biggest health challenges in the beef industry, and there's no doubt that using a comprehensive BRD solutions strategy that includes DRAXXIN results in more money for the producer, so they can continue what they’re doing.”