Three chefs, including celebrity chef Curtis Stone, appeared on MSNBC’s “All In” Tuesday night as a follow-up to the taste test of the lab-grown burger funded by Google co-founder Sergey Brin.

Chefs favor real beef over synthetic option made by scientistShow anchor Chris Hayes asked each of his guests directly if they would use the faux meat in their restaurants.

When asked what he thought of the lab-made meat and if he would cook with it, provided technological advances made the product widely available, Curtis Stone said there’s a place for science in food, but he would not use the lab-grown burger. Stone said artificial products are already a concern because a lot of health problems consumers face are brought on by processed foods.

Stone put his support behind natural foods and ensuring more food was available by focusing on cutting food waste.

“I think it’s a real shame that we put so much energy and resource into science trying to develop food that is not natural,” Stone said.

Chicago restaurant owner Homaro Cantu said the product has billions of dollars of research ahead to become successful to mainstream, but added the fate of the lab-grown meat is up to consumers.

Watch the discussion here.