Despite earning praise from the nation’s farmers and ranchers, urban audiences failed to take to Chevrolet's "Romance" commercial, airing during the first quarter of the Super Bowl. The ad featured a more romantic side to ranching. Click here to watch the full commercial.

Yahoo! on Monday named the commercial one of the night’s worst.

“Chevy proves that knowing your audience is tricky sometimes. Super Bowl viewers like trucks, right? They must, because there are a lot of truck commercials,” the article, available here, says. “But how do they feel about livestock in love? Chevy's ad started off very much like an ad for most pickups… and then "You Sexy Thing" came on, and it became about a bull having sex. Really.

The commercial fared slightly better in USA Today's "Ag Meter," ranking in the middle of the pack.

The reaction from audiences shows how distant most consumers are from food production – most are at least three generations removed from the farm.