KANSAS CITY, MO. - Nate Kolterman of Seward, Neb., evaluated the American Royal Junior Limousin show. The show consisted of 28 females shown by 24 exhibitors. 

The Grand Champion Junior Limousin Female was EXLR Luvly 173X exhibited by Audrey Christensen of Blanchard, Okla. The Oct. 9, 2010 female was first named Division III Champion and is sired by Schilling's Talladega. The Reserve Grand Champion Female and Champion Division II Female went to EF Yaffa 821Y exhibited by Rachel Booth of Miami, Okla. The female was born on March 12, 2011 and is sired by EXLR New Generation 071M.

Taking the honors of Division I Champion was AUTO Luckie Too 423Y exhibited by Cody Heavin of Springfield, Mo. She was born Dec. 15, 2011. Reserve in Division I went to TOMR Miss Electra 614Y born Oct. 19, 2011 and exhibited by Mara Anderson of Garner, Iowa.

The Reserve Division II Female was exhibited by Tanner Walden of Tonganoxie, Kan. with a May 3, 2011 female, WLR Euphoria.

Reserve Division III, BOHI Russia with Love 235R, a Sept. 8, 2005, female was exhibited by Eric Birkner of Solgohachia, Ark. She showed with her June 1, 2012 heifer calf by CJSL Kona 023X.


A complete list of division and show winners follows:

2012 American Royal

Junior Limousin Female Show

November 2, 2012

Kansas City, MO

Total Entries: 28

Judge: Nate Kolterman, Seward, Neb. 


Junior Females

Division I Champion: AUTO Luckie Too 423Y

Exhibitor: Cody Heavin, Springfield, MO


Reserve Division I: TOMR Miss Electra 614Y

Exhibitor: Mara Anderson, Garner, IA


Division II Champion: EF Yaffa 821Y

Exhibitor: Rachel Booth, Miami, OK


Reserve Division II: WLR Euphoria

Exhibitor: Tanner Walden, Tonganoxie, KS


Division III Champion: EXLR Luvly 173X

Exhibitor: Audrey Christensen, Blanchard, OK


Reserve Division III Champion: BOHI Russia With Love 235R

Exhibitor: Eric Birkner, Solgohachia, AR


Grand Champion Junior Female: EXLR Luvly 173X

Exhibitor: Audrey Christensen, Blanchard, OK


Reserve Grand Champion Junior Female: EF Yaffa 821Y

Exhibitor: Rachel Booth, Miami, OK