Does it bother anyone but me that a major restaurant chain is using made-up themes, complete with scripts, to attack agriculture? Such is the case with Chipotle, a company that has made attacking farmers and ranchers a part of their marketing strategy.

Cartoon scarecrows and exploding cows abound in their online fantasy land. This somehow proves that modern agriculture is a “bad thing?” I guess it’s funny in a mean-spirited kind of way. That’s the thing about a script. It can turn out however you like.

Reality has no script. Serious people deal with reality. Unserious people write a script they like better.

Now Chipotle is serving food that is probably tasty, though I will never know since it is now a matter of principle that I don’t eat there. Certainly, there are not many things on the Chipotle menu any healthier than McDonald’s.  My friend Chuck Jolley, at my request, did a comparison.

My mother used to ask me, when my explanations of a calamity sounded suspicious, “Are you telling me a story?” In other words, “Are you lying to me?” Well, there’s lying and then there’s a particularly despicable kind of marketing. Neither is honest.