Favorable Midwest heat, light Northern Plains rainfall, a variable Delta and Southeast trend, dry and hot for wheat harvest, additional West Texas heat, mixed trends in the Canadian Prairies, a hotter trend in northern China, periods of rain in central China, hotter and drier in western Europe, rainy and cool in Ukraine and Russia, and an mixed monsoon rain pattern in India are the main weather items for the commodity trade's attention Tuesday.

Favorable Heat for Midwest

The DTN ag weather forecast calls for hot temperatures to develop in the Midwest this week, which will help increase corn and soybean development. Temperatures should not be hot enough long enough to significantly affect crops at this time. High temperatures may help improve conditions for maturing winter wheat and the wheat harvest in the eastern and southern areas.

Light Northern Plains Rainfall

In the Northern Plains, warmer to hotter temperatures will help improve conditions for developing crops during the next five to seven days. Rainfall is still a risk for crops in North Dakota and also for adding more water to the flooded Missouri and Souris river systems.

Variable Delta and Southeast Trend

Mostly above-normal temperatures and below-normal rainfall will stress developing corn and soybeans with further losses expected to pollinating corn. Mostly favorable weather for developing cotton at this time due to some beneficial rainfall last week.

Dry and Hot for Plains Wheat Harvest

Drier, hotter weather will help improve conditions for the maturing wheat crop and the harvest during this period. Hot, dry weather will have a significant impact on row crops.

Staying Hot in West Texas

Historic West Texas drought looks to continue during the next seven to 10 days. Near total losses to unirrigated crops and devastating losses to irrigated crops due to record setting heat and dryness, which shows no signs of ending.

Mixed Canadian Prairie Trend

In the Canadian Prairies, warm to hot temperatures will help improve conditions for developing crops this week. Periodic rains are still a possibility, maintaining adequate to excessive soil moisture. Cool weather is also possible at times, especially in the east part of the belt.

Hotter Trend in Northern China

Hotter temperatures will be in the northern China region during the next couple days, increasing stress to developing crops, especially in areas of the west that have less soil moisture. Showers may develop later this week but it now appears that the better chance may be early next week. Conditions are still mostly favorable at this time.

Periods of Rain in Central China

Central China will have scattered to widely scattered showers and thundershowers will be in the region from later this week through early next week. However, it is questionable whether this rain will fall in the very dry areas of Henan province.

Hotter and Drier in Western Europe

In western Europe, high temperatures of 95-101 F (35-39 C) occurred Tuesday through southwest and central areas of France, increasing stress to the corn and sugar beet crops. A cold front will move in Tuesday. This should cool off the temperatures, but rainfall associated with the front appears limited. There appears to be a new drying trend setting up for the western Europe crop areas, especially in France.

Rainy and Cool in Ukraine and Russia

Moderate to heavy showers and thunderstorms through much of this region will maintain adequate to excessive soil moisture for crops. There is some risk of local flooding due to heavy storms in the area. Temperatures look to be much cooler, especially in the west.

Mixed Monsoon Rainfall in India

In India crop areas, scattered thunderstorms continue to improve prospects for key soybean areas of west Madhya Pradesh and vicinity. However, these storms continue to dissipate as they try to move into key cotton, groundnut and sorghum areas of Gujarat, Saurashtra and Maharashtra.

Source: Telvent DTN