Monday’s Crop Progress report reveals 39 percent of U.S. corn has been harvested, with a few Southeast states over 75 percent complete. The national average is 13 percentage points above the previous week and 27 percentage points higher than this time last year.

Corn harvested in Tennessee is near complete at 85 percent with Missouri and North Carolina close behind at 80 percent and 76 percent respectively. Corn harvest is slower in the northern states of Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin where harvest is less than 15 percent complete.

Corn harvested


This week  39
Last week  26
Last year  12

This year’s corn condition remains even with the previous week’s data and below 2011. This week’s corn condition report shows only 24 percent of the crop in good or excellent condition and the remaining 76 percent evenly distributed among fair, poor and very poor condition ratings.

   Very Poor   Poor   Fair   Good   Excellent 
 This week   27  24  25  21  3
 Last week  25  25  26  21  3
 Last year  7  13  28  41  11

Soybeans also harvested ahead of average

 Soybean harvest is also well ahead of the five-year average, showing 22 percent of soybeans have been harvested. This week’s data is 12 percentage points above last week’s figures and 18 points better than this time last year. Mississippi, Louisiana and North Dakota soybeans are each over 50 percent harvested.

Soybeans harvested  %
 This week  22
 Last week  10
 Last year  4

This week’s soybean crop condition national averages are only slightly above last week’s report.

   Very Poor  Poor   Fair   Good   Excellent 
 This week  14  20  31  29  6
 Last week  15  21  31  28  5
 Last year  5  13  29  43  10