It’s been a slow start to the 2014 corn harvest, and this week’s Crop Progress report was no different. Just 31 percent of the nation’s corn has been harvested, putting the pace behind last year’s progress (38 percent) and the five-year average (53 percent).

However, the wetter weather pattern will be taking a momentary pause this week, allowing farmers back into the fields to pick up their pace. AgriMoney reports that this drier pattern moved into the Midwest over the weekend and will linger well into next week.

This pattern "should continue to favor harvest progress early this week, with only minor delays expected from showers in the north western Midwest Wednesday and Thursday", weather service MDA told AgriMoney in an article here.

Though the weather may have stalled harvest, it also kept corn condition ratings high. Seventy-four of corn is in good or better condition, unchanged from last week.

Soybeans surpass 50 percent
Fifty-three percent of the country’s soybean crop has been harvested as of October 19 – 13 percentage points above last week’s report. Though soybean harvest is progressing at a steady clip, it is also below the five-year average of 66 percent and behind last year’s report of 61 percent.

Like corn, soybean conditions are stable with 73 percent in good or better condition.

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