Producers from across the country made impressive headway in planting this week, reporting more than half of the nation’s corn now in the ground.

According to the USDA’s latest Crop Progress report, 59 percent of corn have now been planted – this is about double the progress reported last week. And for the first time this year, planting progress is on par with the five-year average.

This week’s report also showed the most progress in a one-week time frame so far in 2013.

Iowa (70 percent) in particular reported the largest surge in corn planting progress, jumping ahead by 47 percent. Illinois (78 percent) is 62 percentages ahead of its progress from 2013, the highest percentage among the country’s top 18 corn-producing states.   

Most states in the Midwest, especially Illinois, Iowa, Indiana (61 percent), Minnesota (31 percent), and Missouri (86 percent), are well-above their 2013 progress.

In addition, 18 percent of corn has now emerged, compared to 7 percent last week and the five-year average of 25 percent.

Moving on to soybeans, planting progress more than tripled from last week’s report. Currently 20 percent of soybeans are now in the ground, up 15 percentage points from last week and just 1 percentage point below the national five-year average.

North Dakota is the only state yet to report soybean planting progress. The majority of states, however, made significant progress in planting. Nebraska (36 percent) soybean planting advanced the most, increasing by 25 percentage points this week.

Click here to read the full Crop Progress report.